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Black Gold Glue

What To Look For When You Receive Black Gold Glue For Eyelash Extensions

When you order Black Gold Glue to use for the application of eyelash extensions, you will want to read the enclosed information to help you learn more about this product. Black Gold Glue is a wonderful substance that helps to keep lashes from shifting out of place after they are applied. It is a light glue that does not weigh down lashes. It is easy to apply and dries quickly.


It is important that you do not open your black gold glue before it is going to be used. When it leaves the warehouse to be shipped to a customer, it is packaged with internal consistency in mind. If the glue is prematurely opened, it could become clumpy and not be as easy to apply. It is also best to order your adhesive in months of the year when excessive heated temperatures are not a concern. Heat can cause this adhesive to become thick. Be sure to store it appropriately after ordering.

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