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Our Online Lash Training 

Offer 5 Lash Services with One Course

Now our highly rated Eyelash Extensions Training program is online for those who want to Learn our Signature Techniques.  Its also great for those who like to learn in the privacy of your own home on your own time.   Once you complete this easy to follow program you will receive a lash certificate to show you are a Certified Lash Technician which is recognized.

Once you purchase this program you will have instant access to Offer 5 Lash Services Classic Lashes, Flat Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, 3D & 6D Volume Lashes

Learn how to apply Classic eyelash extensions and you will be able to all other 4 Lash services once the program is completed you will get certificate of completion.  Most students complete the course text and video in 1-2 days, but the amazing thing is all this info is here for you to refer to and work at your own pace! 

What You will Receive
Once you buy the courses, you will receive by Priority Mail a full Lash Kit with a Mannequin Head. You will receive full access to all the lessons, text and video right away. 

Heres whats included in your lash kit; 
*Mannequin Head with natural lashes
* 2 Tweezers

*Lash Shampoo
* Lash Remover
* Adhesive
* Prep Brushes
* Mascara Wands
* Mixed Length Tray C .15
* Primer
* Hydro Eye Gel Pads
* Micro-pore Tape
* Lash Dryer
* Adhesive ring holders
* Lash Mirror

After you finish the course, you will need to practice on the mannequin head till you feel comfortable, then you can work on a friend or family member to receive certification.

Here are the requirements after you finish the online class:
Submit 3 photos a min of 2 hours each once the photos are approved you will receive a paper certificate in the mail. 


Purchase in our lash shop

Price $998

Checkout our Online Lash Academy

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