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Eye Pad

Why It Is Important To Use An Eye Pad When Improving The Look Of Lashes

An Eye Pad is an important tool that can be used when applying eyelash extensions or performing a lash lift. These pads will help to keep the products in place and away from other areas of the body. They are easy to apply and remain in place until they are removed from the skin.


When picking out an Eye Pad to use for clients, be sure there is ample room for working on the lashes without a pad in the way. An Eye Pad should be positioned before working on the lashes so it does not shift out of place during the process. Eye pads come in various thicknesses and sizes and help to keep lashes protected from dust, adhesives, and other substances during the application process.


Select an Eye Pad brand from a reputable supplier in the Spruce Grove, Alberta area. Be sure to stock up on several sets so you always have a supply ready for clients who wish to alter their eyelash appearance.

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