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Eyelash Lift

Consider An Eyelash Lift For Dramatic Results

If you are not comfortable having eyelash extensions applied to your existing lashes, and you wish for your lashes to look longer and thicker than they do presently, you have the option of getting an Eyelash Lift in Spruce Grove, Alberta to give you the look you desire. This process is relatively short and is best left in the hands of a salon or eyelash professional.


When you have an Eyelash Lift conducted, a special silicone substance is applied to your existing lashes to pull them upward and away from your eyelids. After this agent is applied, it will harden. You will need to rest comfortably with your eyes closed when an Eyelash Lift is being conducted.


After the silicone hardens, it is softened by your eyelash professional and removed from each of your lashes. Your lashes will retain the positioning they had obtained when the silicone was in place. The result will give you lashes that are curled and lifted away from your lids, giving you instant volume and a whole new look.

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