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Eyelash Primer

What An Eyelash Primer Does For Lashes When Extensions Are Desired

When adding eyelash extensions to existing lashes, there is a need to prepare the lashes for the process ahead. An Eyelash Primer is necessary to help keep lashes from sliding out of place or falling from the lashes prematurely. An Eyelash Primer in Spruce Grove, Alberta will also aid in allowing for adhesive to work properly. This substance will remove oils and dirt from lashes before extensions are placed.


When using an eyelash primer, it is important to select one that works up to your standards. This could require you to try several brands before finding one that does the job up to par. Try the primer on your own lashes and apply extensions to see if they move out of place after they are secure. Check the condition of your lashes after the extensions are removed as well. An eyelash primer should not weigh down your lashes or leave behind any residue after it dries.

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