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Eyelash Tint

Using Eyelash Tint To Darken Existing Lashes

If you have light eyelashes, you have likely considered having them darkened to give you a whole new look. Those who cannot wear mascara or who want dramatic results in the coloring of their lashes have the option of using Eyelash Tint to accomplish the task in darkening lashes effectively. The best way to obtain the appearance you desire is to have a professional in the Spruce Grove, Alberta area to apply the Eyelash Tint for you.


Tinting is usually done in conjunction with lifting. This helps to give each of your lashes the right fullness. Tinting will likely be conducted before the lashes are lifted. The tint is added to each lash using a small brush. Colors vary from brown to black. Your eyelash specialist will assist in selecting the right shade for your lashes so you get the results you desire after application. After your lashes are painted, you will need to rest comfortably for about ten minutes as the coloring dries into place. The process in non-invasive and has favorable results.

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