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Lash Extensions

The Proper Way To Apply Lash Extensions

If you are starting to offer the application of Lash Extensions to clients in your salon in Spruce Grove, Alberta, knowing how to adhere them to the skin is a must. The right products can make a difference in the overall appearance obtained after the application is conducted.


A lash adhesive is used on each of the Lash Extensions being placed. This adhesive works best if it is of thin consistency. When you purchase adhesive from a reputable supplier, it will be shipped in packaging to keep the consistency of the contents at a desirable thickness. Do not expose the adhesive to elements or take it out of the packaging to store in an area where it can be compromised.


Apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the end of each lash to adhere to existing lashes. Professional-grade adhesive only takes a few seconds to adhere and will keep the lashes in place without the worry of shifting.

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