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Lash Lift & Tint Training

If your new to Lash Lifts and Tinting this course is for you!

Lift your clients lashes fast and safe with this added lash service! A great alternative to lash extensions for those clients who can no longer wear eyelash extensions. Once the program is completed you will get a certificate of completion once three models are approved.
Most students complete the course text and video in 1 day, but the amazing thing is all this info is here for you to refer to and work at your own pace.

You will also learn how to lash tint which is extremely popular for any client with light lashes. We carry black and dark brown lash tint, which you can add to your service menu.

 What You will Receive
Once you buy the course, you will receive by priority mail the Lash Lift Kit. You will also gain full access to this online program and all the lessons, text and video right away.  You will not be alone on this Journey, the Founder of Lethal Lashes will be avaliable to guide in you real time should you have any questions or concerns.

Lash Lift Kit
Step 1 Solution
Step 2 Solution
Step 3 Solution
2x Small Rods
2x Medium Rods
2x Large Rods
Lash Lift Glue
10Y Brushes
10 Eye Pads
30 Micro Swab Brushes
Tint Kit
Black Lash Dye
Set of gloves
Mascara wand
Mixing Bowl

After you finish the course, then you can work on a friend or family members to receive an Official Lethal Lashes Certificate

Here are the requirements after you finish the online class:
Submit 3 models photos one at a time once the photos are approved you will receive a certificate in the mail.


Purchase this course in the lash shop
Price is $349 plus tax

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