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Lash Removal

Proper Lash Removal To Keep Your Real Lashes Intact

If you are getting started with learning how to apply eyelash extensions to your own lashes or those of clients in Spruce Grove, Alberta, finding out how to remove them properly is an important task to consider. Some people will not want to keep extensions in place until they fall out on their own. They may want to have a new set reapplied when the adhesive starts to break down as well.


When you remove eyelash extensions, it is extremely important to be gentle with your actions so your real lashes do not become damaged. Keep a set of tweezers on hand to help you lift extensions away from the real lashes with ease. You will need to use an agent made to breakdown the adhesive without causing damage to your real lashes in the process. Order this agent online and apply a bit to your lash line with a small brush. After a few minutes, lift away the lashes with your tweezers. Use a clean piece of cloth to remove any residue left behind.

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