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Lash Shampoo

Why It Is Important To Use A Lash Shampoo

If you have clients who are interested in having eyelash extensions applied or if they want to try eyelash lifts to increase the appearance of the volume of their lashes, you have several steps to perform to obtain favorable results. One step that cannot be skipped is the use of a Lash Shampoo to remove unwanted debris, extra glue, or other agents from your clients' lashes effectively.


A Lash Shampoo should be applied to existing lashes before any type of eyelash work is to be done. This agent will help to remove oils from the hair, making it easier for the adhesive to remain in place after it is applied. Shampooing lashes will also make it easier for them to bend when a lash lift is performed. Obtain your Lash Shampoo from a reliable supplier in the Spruce Grove, Alberta area to have available for all lash services for your clients.

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