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Lash Training

How Lash Training Can Help You Increase Your Customer Base

If you are getting started with offering services for eyelash extension application at a salon or as a side-job, getting the necessary knowledge to do the job properly is a must. Many people turn to Lash Training courses in the Spruce Grove, Alberta area to get necessary tips needed to apply lashes with ease.


Lash Training can be obtained by going to courses in a classroom setting where a professor is available to provide hands-on lessons to those in attendance. Training can also be done in an online setting. Those who sign up for online courses will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. They will also be provided with the tools needed to learn without difficulties, such as lashes, adhesive, or a mannequin head with real lashes in place.


After lessons are finished, you need to perform an eyelash extension application on a few people for practice. Afterward, a certificate is awarded to you to show that you have completed the course and are ready to offer lash services to others if desired.

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