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Mega Lashes

Use Mega Lashes To Give The Appearance Of Volume

Many people like the appearance of eyes that are adorned by a full set of thick, black lashes. If you are interested in using Mega Lashes to give your clients voluminous lashes, there are a few points to keep in mind to obtain the desired look.


Make sure to use the right type of adhesive when using Mega Lashes. Our black gold glue works wonderfully at providing a thin layer of adhesive that will not breakdown prematurely. Mega Lashes come in various lengths and thicknesses, making it easy to include lashes along the lash line that blend in with existing lashes naturally.


Check out the many eyelash products provided online and select those that meet your criteria. We will ship products directly to your address for your usage. We also provide training in all types of eyelash application processes to help you learn tips necessary to provide clients with professional service.

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