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Nano Mister

Using A Nano Mister On Eyelash Extensions

If you have eyelash extensions placed on your real lashes, you are likely to worry about the adhesive you use to keep them in place. Many people turn to the help of a Nano Mister to keep adhesive properly moisturized. This type of mister requires a quick spray to your lashes after they have been applied. It can be used daily to help keep adhesive intact so it provides ongoing protection from lash loss. Clients also have the advantage of not having to wait for several days to get their lashes wet after they have been applied.


One great feature that a Nano Mister comes with is the addition of scent to the product inside of the misting bottle. Give clients a bit of aromatherapy to enjoy after their lashes have been applied. Opt for the sultry scent of floral notes included in "Summer Nights" mist spray, or select "Spring Bloom" for a light and refreshing scent of floral blooms.

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