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Lash Trays .07

Experience the allure of our Premium Rich Black Lashes and exquisitely soft Volume lashes, designed to elevate your volume lash extensions to unmatched heights!

Featuring remarkable flexibility and effortless detachment from the strip, these lashes maintain their captivating curl throughout the application process, ensuring a flawlessly elegant finish.

For a secure hold and impeccable results, pair these Volume lashes with our renowned Famous Black Gold Adhesive. Trusted by lash artists worldwide, this adhesive guarantees a reliable bond, allowing your lash artistry to shine.

As quoted by one of our customers, "Lethal Lashes fan out like butter and it's super, super easy to pull off the strip."

Embrace the ease and finesse of our lashes, delivering superior quality and a stunning look that stands out effortlessly.

Lash Trays .07

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