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3D .07 Pre-made long

Elevate your lash artistry with our Premium Rich Black Lashes, boasting incredibly soft textures and stunning volume that will set your lash creations apart from the rest! Designed for ease, these lashes are remarkably flexible and effortlessly detach from the strip without compromising their curl.

With our pre-made lash fans, mixing them into a classic set or crafting an all-volume set becomes a breeze! These fans are seamlessly integrated into the strip without additional adhesive, ensuring that the only glue they adhere to is the one you dip them in. Ideal for filling gaps and achieving a light, airy look, they expedite the process while delivering a beautiful, fluffy finish.

For optimal results, pair these pre-made lash fans with our renowned Black Gold Adhesive. Whether for classic, volume, or pre-made lashes, this adhesive is versatile and ensures a secure and lasting hold. Unleash your creativity and craft mesmerizing lash designs with ease using our exceptional lashes and adhesive combination!

3D .07 Pre-made long

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