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Glue Rings / Wells / Honeycomb (100)

Introducing our range of versatile glue rings, designed to streamline the lash extension process. Our stretch-to-fit rings are spill-proof and feature partitions for a secure, snug fit, ensuring stability during application.

Choose from three distinct options:

-Regular Glue Rings with Partitions: These rings are perfect for use with our Black Gold Adhesive, allowing it to last up to 1 hour without needing to be refreshed.

-Honeycomb Glue Wells: Each package contains 100 pieces, providing lash artists with an abundance of honeycomb-shaped wells. These wells are ideal for holding adhesives during application, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

-Volume Flower Wells: Similarly, each package includes 100 pieces of our unique volume flower wells. Crafted to accommodate lash artists, these wells make organizing and dispensing adhesives effortless during volume lash applications.

Our disposable glue rings are a practical solution for lash professionals, facilitating a seamless lash extension process while ensuring a tidy and organized workspace.

Glue Rings / Wells / Honeycomb (100)

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