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Bounce Strip Tape for Volume Fans 5pk

✨**3M Lash Strip Tape for Perfect Fanning** - 5-Pack

Effortlessly craft flawless volume fans with our 3M Lash Strip Tape designed exclusively for lash artists!

🔍 **Specifications:**

- **Quantity:** 5 strips per pack

- **Total Strips:** 250 strips

🛠️ **How to Use:**

1. **Step 1:** Peel off one strip from the double-sided 3M tape.

2. **Step 2:** Place the strip onto a crystal tile or any suitable surface.

3. **Step 3:** Remove the backing from the tape.

4. **Step 4:** Select 3 to 7 lashes of your preferred thickness (.03, .05, or .07).

5. **Step 5:** Gently press the lash bases onto the sticky tape to create perfect volume fans effortlessly.

This convenient pack of 3M Lash Strip Tape ensures precise and easy fan-making, allowing you to create stunning lash extensions efficiently and flawlessly! 🌟✨

Bounce Strip Tape for Volume Fans 5pk

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