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Pump up the Volume Lash & Brow Growth Serum

Experience Rapid Growth - Guaranteeing 3mm Longer Lashes in Just 7 Days!

Ideal for clients with shorter natural lashes, those seeking recovery from damage, or mature lash enthusiasts, our solution promises extended wear for their lash extensions.

Features and Benefits:

Rapid Results: Witness a remarkable growth of 3mm within a mere 7 days – offering an incredible boost to natural lashes.

Universal Application: Perfect for diverse clientele, it's tailored to those with shorter, damaged, or mature lashes, ensuring lasting extensions.

Gentle and Safe: With zero irritation or side effects, this formulation is designed for comfort, ensuring your clients’ lashes remain on their regular growth cycle even after discontinuation.

Unbeatable Popularity: Our product is in high demand! Trusted and loved by many, it's a sure-fire solution for lash growth needs.

Extension Compatible: Safe for use with eyelash extensions, ensuring compatibility and no compromise on stunning lash looks.

🛍️ Suggested Retail Price: Offer this remarkable solution at $75-$150, providing value and transformative results to your clientele.

Don't miss out on this incredible lash-enhancing solution! Give your clients the gift of longer, healthier lashes while enhancing your business with this sought-after product! ✨

Pump up the Volume Lash & Brow Growth Serum

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