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Lash Shampoo

Introducing our Advanced Lash Cleanser - Your Ultimate Daily Eyelash Care Solution!


Features and Benefits:

Experience the magic of our specially formulated cleanser, meticulously crafted to offer daily care for eyelashes without compromising the bond of eyelash extensions to the natural lash.


Gentle Yet Powerful:

Infused with gentle foam and sterilizing ingredients, our cleanser effectively removes allergens, oils, and bacteria without weakening the lash bond.


Root Strengthening:

Enriched with strengthening properties, it nurtures lashes from the roots, promoting healthier and more robust lash growth.


Refreshingly Clean:

Leaves lashes immaculately clean, fresh, and pH balanced, ensuring a revitalizing experience after each use.


How To Sell:

This isn't just a cleanser; it's a must-have daily regimen for every client! Place a bottle in the bathroom for new or clients with dirty lashes. After a full set, educate clients on the importance of regular cleansing – recommend usage every three days, followed by our sealant for classic extensions.


Additional Benefits

Disinfecting Power: Beyond cleanliness, our Lash Shampoo eliminates blepharitis, mites, and bacteria from the eyelids and lashes, promoting overall eye health.


Skin-Type Specific: Tailored cleansing routines based on skin type:

Oily Skin: Every second day

Normal Skin: Every third day


For Makeup Wearers: Incorporate our makeup remover safe for extensions on non-shampoo days (Note: Using oil-free drugstore makeup removers may impact retention).


Suggested Retail Price: Offer this comprehensive lash care solution at a suggested retail price ranging from $25 to $45, providing your clients with immaculate care and healthier, more vibrant lashes!


Enhance your clients' lash extension experience and ensure they leave with not just beauty, but also a daily care routine for long-lasting, healthier lashes! ✨

Lash Shampoo

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