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Extension Safe Lash & Face Makeup Remover

Experience the Ultimate in Gentle Makeup Removal: Lethal Lashes Makeup Remover is safe for eyelash extensions!


Essential Between Shampoo Days: Perfect for maintaining that fresh look between shampoo days, ensuring your extensions stay pristine while keeping your skin free from makeup residue.


High-Quality Formula: Our Makeup Remover is expertly crafted with high-quality, natural-based ingredients to ensure a gentle yet effective removal process, specially designed for use with lash extensions.


Complements Your Routine: Designed to be used in tandem with our Lethal Lashes Cleansing Brush, effortlessly apply the remover to the brush for a gentle makeup removal experience around the eye area or the entire face.


Premium Ingredients for Your Skin: Infused with anti-microbial and antioxidant properties, our gentle cleanser not only removes makeup but also nurtures your skin, leaving a refreshing natural scent.


Suggested Retail Price: Offer this luxurious Makeup Remover at a suggested retail price range of $25 to $30, delivering a premium, lash-friendly makeup removal experience.


Embrace the beauty of gentle, effective makeup removal with our Lethal Lashes Makeup Remover—enhancing your skincare routine while preserving the allure of your lash extensions! ✨

Extension Safe Lash & Face Makeup Remover

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