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Re-useable Adhesive Well

Introducing our Reusable Adhesive Wells – the smart solution to maintain the freshness of your adhesive like never before!

Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Freshness: Keep your adhesive fresher for longer durations compared to traditional methods like a jade stone.

Reusable Design: Simply pop out the dry adhesive, and these wells are ready to be used again, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution.

Compatibility: Specifically designed for our Black Gold Adhesive, offering optimal performance and longevity.

Easy Maintenance: After use, let it air dry or lightly spray it with a nano mister for quick cleaning. Avoid excessive moisture to ensure hassle-free removal of adhesive remnants.

Simple Extraction: Once dry, gently bend the well and use tweezers to effortlessly remove any remaining adhesive.

Upgrade your lash extension game with our Reusable Adhesive Wells – the ideal accessory to maintain the potency of your adhesive and streamline your application process. Experience freshness and convenience like never before! ✨

Re-useable Adhesive Well

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