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Rich Matte Black ‘LuxeFiber’ Lashes

Rich Matte Black ‘LuxeFiber’ Lashes: Elevate Your Artistry


Achieve unparalleled depth and drama with our Rich Matte Black ‘LuxeFiber’ Lashes, meticulously crafted to meet the exacting standards of discerning lash artists. These lashes are more than just extensions; they are a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Our 'LuxeFiber' lashes redefine luxury in lash extensions, blending advanced materials for unrivaled performance and comfort. Our innovative features include:


* Polymer Blend: A unique fusion of traditional Korean PBT and modern polymers results in lashes that are soft, lightweight, and flexible, mirroring natural lash movement.


* Microfiber Technology: State-of-the-art microfibers create lashes finer and lighter than traditional extensions, enhancing their natural look and feel.


* Cross-Linking Technology: A special treatment enhances durability, ensuring lashes retain their shape and curl after repeated wear.


* Curl Lock Technology: Our lashes maintain their shape and curl for extended periods, keeping them beautifully lifted and curled for weeks.


* Sealant-Enhanced Fibers: A specialized sealant enhances adhesive bonding, ensuring superior attachment to natural lashes and longer-lasting wear, while also providing a protective barrier against daily wear and tear.


Exclusive to our Luxe Lash Collection, these lashes embody the pinnacle of lash extension technology. Experience the difference with Lethal Lashes.


Rich Matte Black ‘LuxeFiber’ Lashes

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