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Face Masks PPE

Here's a breakdown of our mask options:

1. KN95 Masks (2 per pack): These masks offer protection against adhesive vapors and COVID-19. Intended for single-use up to 8 hours, then they should be disposed of.

2. Medical Masks: Designed for both personal use and for clients during lash sessions. Dispose of them after every session or on a daily basis for hygiene purposes.

3. Vapour Mask with Valve: Endorsed by Health Canada and meets NIOSH requirements. Specifically crafted for lash technicians working with adhesives, it provides protection from adhesive vapor fumes. Equipped with a cool flow one-way valve for comfortable exhalation. Dispose of after 40 hours of use or within 30 days, whichever comes first.

Each mask type offers different levels of protection and comfort, ensuring the safety of lash technicians and clients while working with adhesives, chemicals, and in the prevention of viral transmission, allowing for a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Face Masks PPE

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