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Create Fans with this  Glue Well

Introducing our innovative Volume Lash Wells—a must-have tool to optimize your volume lash application process! ✨

Designed with precision in mind, these specialized wells serve a dual purpose: securely holding adhesive while simultaneously assisting in closing and perfecting your volume lash fans. Crafted from high-quality materials, these wells offer a stable and convenient space to place your adhesive, ensuring it remains fresh and readily accessible throughout your lash application.

With a strategic design that supports the volume fan creation process, these wells aid in closing and securing your beautifully crafted fans, allowing you to maintain their shape and integrity while working on your clients' lashes. Their practical design ensures that your adhesive remains within reach and at the ideal consistency for seamless fan closure.

Elevate your volume lash technique and efficiency with our purpose-built Volume Lash Wells—designed to simplify your workflow and enhance your precision during volume lash applications! ✨

Create Fans with this Glue Well

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