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Russian Volume Extension

Using The Russian Volume Extension Method For A Great Look

New to the eyelash extension scene, is the application of Russian Volume Extension lashes. If you are interested in giving yourself or your clients a classy look with extremely long and lush lashes, then taking a training course in this field is a must.


Russian Volume Extension lashes are applied to natural lashes with a special adhesive to give them complete fullness. This type of lash application requires that more than one lash is applied to each existing lash. This gives the lashes a thick appearance that will surely grab attention.


When you take an online course, you get the benefit of working at your own pace when learning the fundamentals needed for a successful eyelash application. You will be able to watch videos to teach you the process and will obtain materials in the mail to use while you are learning. After you complete a course and try the application on live subjects, you will receive a certificate indicating you are now able to perform Russian Volume Extension lashes for clients.

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