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Why It Is Important To Keep Tweezers On Hand During Eyelash Application

If you are involved in eyelash application tasks, whether for yourself or clients, knowing how to perform the procedure properly is a must so you obtain desired results. One handy tool to keep nearby when working with eyelash extensions is a sturdy pair of tweezers. This tool will often be used and can make a real difference in the appearance of the lashes after they are applied.


Tweezers will help you to keep your hand steady when applying lashes. If you use your fingers or a makeshift tool, there is the possibility of a lash being applied crookedly. Tweezers are easy to use and give your fingers the stability needed when placing extensions along the lash line. Be sure to look for tweezers with a flat edge and test them a few times before you use them for eyelash application. The testing process will also prime the tool so it is easier to use when needed.

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